Additional authorisation forms for consumer credit firms

Sometimes you have to submit a form as well as, or instead of, applying for authorisation using Connect. Find out the circumstances here.

Financial services activities

Consumer credit supplement

The information that firms may need to supply in the consumer credit supplement section.

If a consumer credit firm applies to be authorised for other financial service activities in addition to consumer credit activities, they should also submit this form:

Consumer credit and financial services authorisation supplement form (DOC)

Sole trader

A sole trader is an individual who carries out regulated business in their own name without involving an incorporated firm (such as a private limited company). When applying for consumer credit authorisation, a sole trader also has to complete and submit a sole trader appendix.

Read the consumer credit sole trader appendix guidance notes (PDF)

Validation of existing agreements

If a consumer credit firm entered an agreement before it had the appropriate permissions, it should complete a validation order form to ensure the agreement’s terms are legally enforceable.

Read the consumer credit validation order form guidance notes (DOCX)