About the FCA Warning List

The FCA Warning List tool

This a tool to help you check if an investment opportunity is a scam.

You can check the type of investment and search our Warning List of firms we know are operating without permission or running scams.

There are also further steps you can take to help avoid scams.

If the firm isn't on the Warning List

Even if a firm isn't on the Warning List, it might still be a scam.

You should check it's an authorised firm on the Financial Services Register.

Even if it's on the Register, it might still be a 'clone firm' pretending to be a genuine firm and you should do more checks.

About the ScamSmart campaign

Our ScamSmart campaign increases consumer awareness of investment scams and the common tactics fraudsters use.

It stresses the importance of rejecting unsolicited offers, getting impartial advice and checking the FCA Warning List before making an investment.

Further help

Contact us if you have questions about the tool or any of the guidance.