Financial Lives survey

Financial Lives is our survey of nearly 13,000 consumers and their use of financial services.

Based on nearly 13,000 face-to-face and online interviews, Financial Lives is our largest tracking survey of adults and their finances. It reveals a wealth of information about different types of consumer and their experiences of financial products and services.

It is a key source of information that underpins our consumer protection work and also provides valuable insights for any organisation focusing on consumers and finance.

View an overview of our extensive research [PDF]

Financial Lives survey reports

The results from the survey can be analysed in a number of different ways.

The financial lives of consumers across the UK

Our June 2018 report analyses survey results across the four nations of the UK, the nine regions of England, and by rural and urban areas.

As a UK-wide regulator, we serve consumers wherever they live in the UK, and we want to understand how consumers in different areas experience and respond to financial services and how their experiences may differ.

Read the full report (PDF)

Executive Summary (PDF)

Highlights of what consumers across the UK have told us (PDF)

We have summarised the main findings by different geographic areas across the UK:

Urban Rural England Scotland Wales
Northern Ireland North West North East Yorkshire and the Humber West Midlands
East Midlands East of England London South East South West

Interactive UK geographical area map

The interactive map below presents a selection of findings from the Financial Lives survey. To operate the map please choose from the drop down of questions and the response you wish to view. To adjust the geographical area to view please adjust the ‘Map Detail’. Areas with a responding sample size of less than 50 individuals have the data suppressed and marked as ‘sample size too low’. The areas of the map are based on Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics (NUTS).

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* MAS Over indebtedness

Terms adopted from the Money Advice Service to describe having one or both of the following characteristics:

  • keeping up with domestic bills and credit commitments is a heavy burden
  • payments for any credit commitments and/or any domestic bills have been missed in any three or more of the last six months

Understanding the financial lives of UK adults

Our October 2017 report provides initial results from the Financial Lives survey, highlighting some key facts and figures.

Read the full report (PDF)

Executive Summary (PDF)

Highlights of what consumers have told us (PDF)

Age is the main focus of our analysis, and we have summarised the main findings by different age groups:

Age summary 18-24 (PDF) Age summary 25-34 (PDF) Age summary 35-44 (PDF)
Age summary 45-54 (PDF) Age summary 55-64 (PDF) Age summary 65+ (PDF)

How to access our data

As part of our commitment made in our Mission to be more transparent about the way we work, we have opened up the results of this survey for wider use by stakeholders.

Weighted data tables (XLSX)
1. Main 2. Retail banking 3. Retail investments 4. Mortgages 5. Consumer credit
6. GI&P 7. Pension accumulation 8. Pension decumulation 1 9. Pension decumulation 2 10. Advice 1
11. Advice 2 12. Self-employed 13. Savings 14. Fraud and scams 15. Access
16. Claims management 17. GAP 18. Guidance 19. Unbanked 20. Custom tables