Financial Lives 2022 survey

Find out more about the Financial Lives 2022 survey including our reports and available data. 

A total of 19,145 respondents completed our 2022 survey. Ending in May 2022, this provided us with a third snapshot of consumers attitudes and financial position since 2017, allowing us to compare how UK adults’ product holdings, finances and experiences have changed over this five year period.


We published 3 reports along with sector slide decks for those interested in detailed information on specific retail sectors.

2022 main report: Key findings from the FCA's Financial Lives May 2022 survey

The 2022 main report details they key findings from the Financial Lives 2022 survey, comparing the 2022 data with results from the Financial Lives surveys conducted in 2020 and 2017.

Financial Lives 2022 survey: key findings from the FCA’s Financial Lives February 2022 survey (PDF)

Executive summary

Insights on vulnerability and financial resilience relevant to the rising cost of living

This report presents data on vulnerability and financial resilience, and insights into the financial positions of UK consumers in May 2022. This data contributes to the evidence base on the rising cost of living

View our Insights on vulnerability and financial resilience report

FCA outcomes and metrics 

The FCA are committed to being clear about how we are accountable for our progress. The Financial Lives 2022 survey provides updates to many of these metrics.

View our latest outcomes and metrics

Sector slide decks

In addition to our 2022 main report we have published 6 sector slide decks to provide detailed information for each retail sector. These are:

2022 data tables

We provide the multi-volume data tables from our 2022 survey.

These provide access to the results of almost all the survey questions and to different ways the data can be looked at. Given the breadth of the survey, we have not included all the results in our published reports.

To guide you through the various volumes of data tables we have published a data tables user guide.

Financial Lives 2022 data tables 

Weighted data tables (XLSX) 
1. Demographics 2. Attitudes 3. Product ownership summaries 4. Assets and Debts 5. Retail banking
6. Cash savings 7. Payments 8. Consumer investments 9. Mortgages  10. Credit and loans
11. General insurance and protection 12. Pension accumulation 13. Pension decumulation 14. Advice and Guidance 15. Cross-sector short question sets
16. Topic-based short question sets 17. Summaries      

Appendix A to the Financial Lives 2022 main report

We cover just over 100 different products or groups of products in the survey.  Appendix A (Product holdings) includes a spreadsheet which shows the proportions and numbers of UK adults holding them for 2017, 2020 and 2022.

Financial Lives 2022-2020-2017 tracker data tables

Data from the Financial Lives survey is designed to be trackable to provide evidence of how things are changing from the point of view of the consumer over time. We provide the following  'tracker' data tables to allow comparison between the 3 Financial Lives surveys. For some questions, small changes have been made between surveys meaning results are not directly comparable, we detail these changes in the caveats to tracking data tables.

Tracker data tables (XLSX)
T1. Demographics T2. Attitudes T3. Product ownership summaries T4. Assets and Debts T5. Retail banking
T6. Cash savings T7. Payments T8. Consumer investments T9. Mortgages  T10. Credit and loans
T11. General insurance and protection T12. Pension accumulation T13. Pension decumulation T14. Advice and Guidance T15. Cross-sector short question sets
T16. Topic-based short question sets T17. Summaries      

Insights on vulnerability and financial resilience relevant to the rising cost of living report data tables

Data is provided for each figure in the report. These are a slim version of the full 2022 data tables focusing on consumers with characteristics of vulnerability, or who have low financial resilience, or are in financial difficulty.

Survey raw data

Raw data from the Financial Lives 2022 survey can be accessed on application from the Consumer Data Research Centre (CDRC).

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