Financial Lives 2017 survey

Find out more about the Financial Lives 2017 survey, including our reports and data. 

The first Financial Lives survey was conducted in 2017. A total of 12,865 respondents took part.


We published 3 substantial reports:

2017 main report: Understanding the financial lives of UK adults

Our October 2017 report provides results from the Financial Lives 2017 survey, highlighting key facts and figures by age group.

Download Understanding the financial lives of UK adults (PDF)

The financial lives of consumers across the UK

Our June 2018 report provides results from the Financial Lives 2017 survey across the 4 nations of the UK, the nine regions of England, and by rural and urban areas. The report allows us to understand how consumers’ product holdings, attitudes and experiences with financial services differ across the UK.

Download The financial lives of consumers across the UK (PDF)

Quantitative research to inform the Financial Advice Market Review (FAMR) baseline

The Financial Advice Market Review (FAMR) was launched in August 2015. It explored how government, industry and regulators could take steps to develop the financial advice and guidance market. The Financial Lives 2017 survey helped inform a baseline to monitor the development of the financial advice market.

Download Research to inform the FAMR baseline (PDF)

2017 data tables

We provide the multi-volume data tables from our 2017 survey.

These provide access to the results of almost all the survey questions and to different ways the data can be looked at. Given the breadth of the survey, we have not included all the results in our published reports.

To guide you through the various volumes of data tables we have published a data tables user guide.

Financial Lives 2017 data tables 

Weighted data tables (XLSX)
1. Main 2. Retail banking 3. Retail investments 4. Mortgages 5. Consumer credit
6. GI&P 7. Pension accumulation 8. Pension decumulation 1 9. Pension decumulation 2 10. Advice 1
11. Advice 2 12. Self-employed 13. Savings 14. Fraud and scams 15. Access
16. Claims management 17. GAP 18. Guidance 19. Unbanked 20. Custom tables

Survey raw data

Raw data from the Financial Lives surveys (2017 and 2020) and from the Covid-19 panel survey can be accessed on application from the Consumer Data Research Centre (CDRC).