National Storage Mechanism

Find out what we store in the National Storage Mechanism (NSM) and how you can access regulated announcements and disclosed documents.

The NSM is our official way of storing the regulated information we require issuers to disclose under:

  • the Listing Rules
  • the Disclosure Requirements and Transparency Rules
  • the Prospectus Rules (before 21 July 2019) and the Prospectus Regulation Rules (from 21 July 2019 onwards)

Access the National Storage Mechanism

On the NSM, users can access the regulated information and announcements submitted by listed issuers and Primary Information providers (PIPs). It allows users to search all regulatory disclosures and documents by:

  • keyword
  • category
  • classifications
  • company name
  • publication date
  • document date
  • LEI (Legal Entity Identifier)
  • source of information by Primary Information Provider (PIP)

and then to view, print the document or export search results to CSV for free.

If you are looking for historic materials submitted to the old NSM (run by Morningstar from 2009 until 05 April 2020), use the URL lookup. This gives you the links for those materials on the new NSM.

If you need help

The NSM user guide provides help on how to search.

Prospectuses and related documents 

The NSM is not a real-time provision of information. We will upload prospectuses and related documents we approve after 6pm on the working day following the day we approved the document. Issuers are responsible for the timeliness or accuracy of their submissions

We will upload all prospectuses we approve to the NSM as it is the national storage mechanism for regulatory announcements and certain documents issuers publish. We are not responsible for any concerns that may arise from the prospectus being made public via the NSM. Issuers and their advisers need to consider the implications of prospectuses being available to view online when drafting the disclaimers on the prospectuses.

If you cannot find information or regulatory announcements within 48 hours of expected publication, contact the issuer in the first instance.

The fact that documents appear on the NSM does not fulfil an issuer’s obligation to disseminate regulated information to the public under the Listing Rules or Disclosure Requirements and Transparency Rules. Issuers must use a Primary Information Provider (PIP) for this purpose.

Placing a prospectus on the NSM does not fulfil the obligations of issuers to make the prospectus public under PRR 3.2.2.

Regulatory announcements 

We will automatically receive all regulatory announcements disseminated by issuers via Primary Information Providers (PIPs). We get these via regulatory feeds and store them in the NSM.

So users can search for documents accurately and quickly, all issuers should ensure they use the correct headline code and category when making an announcement.

All announcements required under the LRs, DTRs, PRs and PRRs have a headline code for issuers to use, so codes should be correct. Only use the ‘Miscellaneous’ codes if absolutely necessary. It is part of an issuer’s obligation to announce information to the market to correctly label this information.

If you have any concerns or questions, please speak to your Primary Information Provider.

Registration with the NSM

All NSM registration, authorisation and submission activities take place via the Electronic Submission System (ESS) – our secure document sharing system.  To register, you must provide an authorisation letter to ensure that only fully authorised persons can upload documents. Everyone who needs to submit will need an authorisation letter from each issuer and will need to separately apply for authorisation through ESS. 

Please see the submitter user guide for help on ESS registration.

Uploading documents

To upload to the NSM, you need to log into your Electronic Submission System (ESS) account.

Please see the submitter user guide help on uploading information to the NSM.