Request individual guidance

Find out how to request individual guidance.

Firms submitting the new Financial Crime Report (REP-CRIM) can find guidance in SUP16 Annex 42B and in our FAQs.

You can submit a request for written guidance to us under SUP 9 via our Electronic submission system (ESS), selecting 'Individual guidance from the FCA on PR, LR or DTR'.

For security reasons, we do not accept email submissions.

Your request should be in writing, include your own analysis of the question(s) posed, and identify the issuer to which it relates. We cannot give written guidance on an anonymous basis. On receiving your request, we will contact you to discuss the request and set out how we propose to resolve it.

Listing Transactions – Russia and Belarus sanctions confirmation: Issuers must confirm to us that they are not affected by the following sanctions. Find out what confirmations we need about the effect of sanctions before we can begin work on a vetting, guidance or listing application request.

If you wish to discuss the status of your request, please contact our member of staff assigned to it or call our general administrative line on 020 7066 8348.

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