Debt Issuers: Early Engagement Team and Enquiry Service

Information on the Early Engagement Team and our Enquiry Service for debt issuers. 

Early Engagement Team

Prospective overseas debt issuers may not be familiar with the European or UK listing regimes, so our Early Engagement Team can provide technical and practical assistance in applying for a London listing.

We tailor our assistance to meet each issuer’s circumstances, and it may include:

  • experienced debt specialists acting as dedicated contacts to provide support from an early stage in the contemplated transaction
  • conference calls or meetings to discuss relevant parts of the listing regime in relation to the proposed transaction
  • performing a high-level ‘gap analysis’ of a debt-offering document published outside the European Economic Area (EEA) to assist issuers in identifying the disclosure required to produce a prospectus or listing particulars under the European or UK listing regime.

The Early Engagement Team will provide a named contact who will work with you from initial contact through to admission to the Official List, and may draw on expertise from across the organisation. They will be available to handle any technical queries or concerns about the Listing Rules, Prospectus Rules, and Disclosure and Transparency Rules.

We encourage you to appoint legal advisers with experience in the UK listing process. You should approach the relevant UK stock exchange and/or UK government department with whom you have been discussing a potential listing. They will be able to refer the matter to our Early Engagement Team.

The Enquiry Service

We operate an Enquiry Service for debt issuers and their advisers. The purpose of this service is to provide you with a means of discussing technical questions with us on matters not already clearly set out in the Listing Rules, Prospectus Rules or in our published Knowledge Base.

The Enquiry Service does not replace our written individual guidance procedure (for more information on this procedure, please see the 'Request individual guidance' section at the top right of this page), through which you can seek formal written guidance. Rather, in some circumstances, the Enquiry Service provides an initial point of contact, offering both users and us an opportunity to reflect on queries, so that any subsequent written guidance submission can be dealt with efficiently. In other cases, we may be able to address your query through the Enquiry Service, without the need for subsequent written guidance. Upon contacting the Enquiry Service, we will discuss with you how your query is likely to be best resolved.

Before contacting our Enquiry Service for the first time, please register for it by calling our general administrative line on 020 7066 8348.

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