DRSP and MDP Fees

The associated Data reporting services providers (DRSP) and Market data processor (MDP) fees are below

DRSP Fees 

The authorisation fee to operate a data reporting service (DRS) is £5,000 for the first application and a discount of 50% for each additional DRS application. The discount applies whether the applications were made at the same time or later. The fee is not refundable, even if your application is unsuccessful.

The DRSP annual supervisory fee is a flat fee of £25,750 for the first data reporting service, plus a 50% flat fee for each additional data reporting service for which the data reporting services provider has authorisation.

MDP Fees

​​As outlined in FEES 3.2.7 R of the FCA Handbook, the associated MDP on-boarding fees applicable to DRSPs are:

  • transaction reports £20,000 (ARM)
  • transparency calculation data £10,000 (APA)

An incoming DRSP, authorised in another EU member state, would pay 80% of each fee. The fee is not refundable.