Authorised DRSPs

We list the DRSPs that are authorised or verified by us.

Entity name DRS type Effective date
Bloomberg Data Reporting Services Limited APA/ARM 3 January 2018
Cboe Europe Limited APA 3 January 2018
London Stock Exchange plc


3 January 2018
Tradeweb Europe Limited APA 3 January 2018
MarketAxess Post-Trade Limited APA/ARM 3 January 2018


The following EEA DRSPs are deemed as authorised under the temporary authorisation regime to provide a service in the UK up to 31 December 2021.

If a firm is unsure whether its EEA DRSP intends to operate in the UK after the temporary authorisation period ends on 31 December 2021, it should contact its EEA DRSP directly, as the EEA DRSP may be in a better position to give its clients timely information about their intentions. We would remind firms that connecting to a DRSP, or directly to the Market Data Processor (MDP), can take several weeks so if firms are looking to make a change to continue to comply with their UK reporting obligations, they should make contact in good time.

Entity name DRS type Effective date
AQ Metrics Ltd ARM 1 January 2021
Deloitte Solutions S.àr.l. ARM 1 January 2021
Euronext Paris SA


1 January 2021

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