Authorisation application fee

Find out how much your authorisation fee is likely to be before you go ahead with your application.

The authorisation fee you’ll have to pay depends on whether your application is straightforward, moderately complex or complex.

Application fee guide


Consumer credit firm

Other financial services provider


£100 to £5,000


Moderately complex

£800 to £10,000



£1,000 to £15,000


Most financial advisers, mortgage brokers and general insurance intermediaries’ applications will be straightforward with a fee of £1,500.

Consumer credit firm application fees

The application fee for the authorisation of a consumer credit firm depends on its consumer credit income and whether it will need limited or full permission from us to carry on regulated activities.

Full permission application

Consumer credit income

Up to £50k

Over £50k to £100k

Over £100k to £250k

Over £250k to £1m

Over £1m







Moderately complex












Limited permission application

Consumer credit income

Up to £50k

Over £50k




Asset managers

Find out about fees for authorised and registered AIFMs, and the National Private Placement Regime (NPPR).

Banks, credit unions and insurance firms

These firms are regulated by both the PRA and the FCA. They pay the charges listed above, but their payments incorporate fees for each regulator and should be made payable to the FCA.

Find out more about applying for PRA authorisation

Community finance organisation

The application fee is:

  • either £300 (£200 for registration plus £100 for authorisation)
  • or £350 (if applying to carry out business other than credit-related activity)

Not-for-profit debt advice body

The application fee is nil.

Change of legal status

If your application involves only a change of legal status, your authorisation fee will be:

  • 50% of the full fee for a straightforward or moderately complex application
  • 100% of the full fee for a complex application

How to pay the application fee

Use a credit or debit card when you apply via our online system Connect. You won’t actually be able to submit an application without paying the fee. The fee is non-refundable.

Annual fee

The authorisation application fee is a one-off fee. In addition to this fee, you’ll also have to pay us a fee each year. We’ll contact you about this. In your first year, you will pay only a proportion of the fee (based on the number of months remaining in the fee-year). 

We are entirely funded by the firms we regulate and aim to cover our costs as fairly and efficiently as possible.

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