Apply to vary your permissions, limitations or requirements

Find out how to apply to change the payment services you provide, or add or remove limitations or requirements.

You must apply for and be granted the variation of permission, limitation or requirement before you begin providing new service(s). If you don’t, and you carry out services not covered by your authorisation or registration, we can take enforcement action.

You should consider whether your capital requirements may change because of the variation.

When not to apply for a variation

You can't apply to vary your status from being:

  • authorised to registered, or
  • registered to authorised

For example, if you're an authorised electronic money institution or payment institution, you can't vary your permission to become a registered small electronic money institution or small payment institution.

To change your status from being authorised to being registered, or vice versa, you must submit a new application.


You also can't apply to vary:

  • from being a registered account information service provider (RAISP) to being a payment institution or electronic money institution
  • your registration/authorisation from being a payment institution to an electronic money institution (or vice versa)

How to apply for a variation

Please apply via Connect.

Once we receive your application, we'll usually make a decision within 3 months if it's complete or 12 months if it's incomplete.

Variation fees 

The fee for variation of authorisation/registration is half of your original application fee.

There's no fee if you're only removing services.

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