Become an appointed representative

Read our key considerations for becoming an appointed representative (AR), and find out what you'll need to prepare for your principal firm.


Which regulated activities will you carry out?


Do you want to be an AR or an IAR?


How many principals do you want?


What contracts will you need?


Is your principal ready to notify us?

1 Consider which regulated activities you want to carry out and find a principal firm that has permission to carry out that business.

Consider if you want to be an AR or an introducer appointed representative (IAR). An IAR can only carry out a limited range of activities, ie undertaking introductions and distributing financial promotions.

3 Think about how many principals you want – this will depend on the type of business you carry out and the type of customers you have. Most ARs have 1 principal but some have more. Some regulated activities can only be carried out under a single principal.
4 Find out what contracts you need to have in place. You'll need to have a written agreement with your principal firm(s).
5 Your principal(s) must notify us of your appointment 30 calendar days in advance and provide information about you. Some of this information will be added to our Financial Services Register.

What to prepare

Your principal will carry out checks to make sure you're fit and proper, financially solvent and competent, as they will be responsible for the business you carry out.

You'll need to comply with our rules and your principal will oversee your activities.

Be prepared to provide your chosen principal with the following information:

  • the nature of your regulated activities
  • if you conduct any non-regulated activities and whether they're financial or non-financial – you should provide details of these activities
  • if you'll provide services to retail clients
  • if you were part of a previous principal firm and the reason for changing
  • if you're part of a group, provide the name of the parent group and explain:
    • whether any individuals will be seconded or contracted to the principal firm to carry on portfolio management and/or dealing activities
    • the rationale for this arrangement

If your principal asks you for more information to help complete their AR notification requirements with us, be ready to provide this.

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