EuSEF and EuVECA managers

Here we explain how you can register as a European Social Entrepreneurship Fund (EuSEF) manager or European Venture Capital fund (EuVECA) manager, or notify us about the persons who conduct your business.

    If you are a fund manager, you can register as an EuSEF manager or EuVECA manager, or notify us of the persons who conduct your business, by completing these forms:

    If you have questions concerning previous convictions, refer to our Disclosing convictions in the Senior Personnel form.

    If you are a small registered UK AIFM seeking EuSEF or EuVECA registration, you will also need to complete the EuSEF & EuVECA tab on the following spreadsheet:

    If your firm registers as a EuSEF or EuVECA manager, this will allow you to market qualifying social entrepreneurship funds and qualifying venture capital funds throughout the EU to certain categories of investors under the EuSEF or EuVECA ‘label’.

    In the past, registration as a EuSEF or EuVECA manager was only available to managers that had assets under management below the threshold in Article 3(2)(b) of AIFMD. The regulations have since opened up EuSEF and EuVECA to fund managers of all sizes.

    Using the EuSEF or EuVECA label for a fund

    If you are a manager wishing to use the EuSEF label for a fund, you will have to demonstrate that a high percentage of investments in the fund (70% of the capital received from investors) is invested in undertakings whose primary objective is to:

    • provide services or goods which generate a social return
    • employ a method of production of goods or services that embodies its social objective, or
    • provide financial support exclusively to social undertakings as defined in the 2 points above

    If you are a manager wishing to use the EuVECA label for a fund, you will have to demonstrate that a high percentage of investments in the fund (70% of the capital received from investors) is invested in small and medium sized enterprises that meet the definition of a qualifying portfolio undertaking as per article 3 of Regulation 2017/1991.

    Under the amended EuSEF and EuVECA regulations, both internally managed EuVECA/ EuSEF and external managers of EuVECA/ EuSEF must have an initial capital of €50,000. Own funds shall at all times amount to at least one eighth of the fixed overheads incurred by the manager in the preceding year. Other conditions also apply for both types of fund.

    The central database of managers of Social Entrepreneurship Funds (EuSEF) and European Venture Capital Funds (EuVECA) registered in the Member States of the EU can be found on the ESMA website.

    Completing and submitting your applications

    To help process your applications we ask for:

    • electronic versions of all forms and supporting documentation
    • a signed paper copy of the form

    You should complete all sections of each form, using ‘N/A’ where appropriate. Answers should be clear, concise and accurately reference the relevant parts of any supporting documents. 

    Please submit your forms, together with supporting documents, in a zip file or a file structure that allows us to easily identify the contents. Please note that our mailbox servers will not accept any emails larger than 35mb. If the email exceeds this, please split it and send it as multiple emails.

    All file names should begin with your firm’s FRN (or firm name for new applications), followed by the form and/or document title. Clear and simple labelling will help us assess your application and reduce delays.

    Submit your data securely

    Please email your completed application to [email protected].

    The subject line of your email should contain your FRN (or firm name for new applications) followed by the words ‘AIFMD EuSEF/EuVECA Application’.

    You must send your data encrypted, by using either our PGP Key (preferable) or a password-protected WinZip file.

    Download our PGP key

    You can also provide the data on a CD or USB (password protected – we will request the password when we receive the application).

    If you have any queries regarding the secure submission of your data, please contact us, including ‘AIFMD’ in the subject line if you choose to email us.