Sector Views - published February 2020

We set out our annual analysis of the way the financial environment is changing and the impact of these changes on consumers and market effectiveness.

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Our Sector Views provide an overall view of how each financial sector is performing based on the data available and our views at mid-2019. They are part of the way we keep our priorities under review and focus our resources effectively for business planning.

This analysis also contributes to the decisions we make affecting consumers, market integrity and competition.

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Key areas of harm identified.

What we cover in the Sector Views

Drivers of change

The first chapter describes the common themes across sectors with a focus on those themes that are having the greatest impact on the sectors we regulate. And in the light of EU withdrawal and its impact on financial services markets, we give an overview of our position in the current international context.

The 7 sectors

The remaining chapters cover all the markets we regulate:

Each chapter looks at potential harm, what is driving change in the sector, how the sector is changing and for retail sectors we consider the consumer perspective.

Page updates

19/02/2020: Document update Page 73 has been amended - the figure £10.9bn was corrected to £10.9tn.