Sector Views - published January 2019

We need a view of how the financial system works as a whole, as well as within its individual sectors and markets. To develop this view, we divide the system into 7 sectors and monitor them continuously.

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Our Sector Views considers a wide range of factors that are driving change across the financial system and bring our collective intelligence together. It provides an overall view of how each sector is performing based on the data available and our views at mid-2018.

Sector Views forms part of the process that enables us to keep our priorities under review and focus our resources effectively for next year’s business plan. It is published annually on our website, after our Board has approved the content. Our Business Plan (2018/19) gives a more detailed explanation of our priorities for the current year.

We examine some of the most common drivers of change emerging across sectors in the cross-sector themes chapter. We focus on:

  • how technology is driving change in financial services
  • societal changes and their impact on the financial needs of different generations
  • the potential impact of Brexit
  • the macroeconomic environment

What is in our Sector Views?

The Sector Views cover all the markets we regulate, grouped into 7 sectors:

Sector Views references (PDF)