Our Business Plan 2018/19

The annual Business Plan gives details of the specific areas of work the FCA is prioritising for the next year.

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The priorities in this Business Plan reflect the variety of changes affecting both financial services and the wider society. Firms are being challenged by rapidly evolving user needs, as well as heightened uncertainty in the economic and political outlook. Our Business Plan shows how we will use our resources to tackle these challenges. Preparing for and implementing the changes resulting from European Union (EU) withdrawal is inevitably the priority for our discretionary activity.

Our key planned activities for this year are set out in our EU chapter, our 7 priorities which cut across different financial sectors as well as our priorities for the seven specific sectors we regulate.

Much of what we do and the harms we try to address will continue to be priorities for future Business Plans and we will continue to monitor and adapt our approach to the ever-evolving landscape.

Video: Andrew Bailey on our 2018/19 priorities

Andrew Bailey, Chief Executive discusses our Business Plan publication and the coming year.

In our Business Plan


  1. Our role
    Our objectives and approach to regulation
  2. EU Withdrawal
    The focus of our work on EU Withdrawal
  3. Our priorities for 2018/19
    Our approach to setting out our key planned activities
  4. Cross-sector priorities
    Our priorities to tackle issues that cut across sectors
  5. Sector priorities
    Our specific priorities for the seven sectors we regulate
  6. How we operate
    Our budget 2018/19