Our Business Plan 2020/21

Our annual Business Plan gives details of the key priorities and the planned specific activities for the next year.

Read our Business Plan 2020/21 (PDF)

Our Business Plan sets out our main areas of focus for 2020/21. It outlines our priorities and describes our response to the problems we have identified.

Coronavirus (Covid-19) is profoundly affecting the financial lives of consumers and the workings of markets. Organisations, including us, are facing a huge challenge as we support our employees while also ensuring that the interests of customers, stakeholders and the wider public are protected.

We have delayed other activity we had planned, where we judge that it was not urgent and may have distracted firms from the immediate priority. This has made planning for the year ahead much harder.

We have set out in the Business Plan the priority areas on which we will work over the next 1 to 3 years, as well as other cross-cutting and sector work. Where we can progress this work now, without undermining the focus on the coronavirus response, we will do so. But we recognise that it may be weeks or months before we are in a more stable position and can turn ourselves fully to the activities in this plan.

We also explain how we plan to transform our own approach and capabilities. We will use data and advanced analytics to become a more responsive regulator and ensure the regulatory burden on firms remains proportionate.

Our key priorities and planned activities are set out under our 5 overall priorities, our 6 cross-cutting priorities and the 4 sector-specific area we will aim to focus on.

Video: Christopher Woolard on our Business Plan (2 minutes 47 seconds)

Interim Chief Executive, Christopher Woolard introduces the publication

In our Business Plan


  1. Joint message from Chair & Interim Chief Executive
  2. Our role
  3. Coronavirus (Covid-19)
  4. Our 5 key priorities over the next 1-3 years
    Transforming how we work and regulate
    Enabling effective consumer investment decisions
    Ensuring consumer credit markets work well
    Making payments safe and accessible
    Delivering fair value in a digital age
  5. Cross cutting work
  6. Sector work
  7. Our budget