Half of reporting firms moved to FCA’s new data collection platform

50% of firms who have previously submitted their regulatory reporting on Gabriel are now using RegData. 

RegData is central to our data strategy which sets out our plan to harness the power of data and advanced analytics to transform financial regulation. We started moving firms over to RegData in October 2020, with their moving dates determined by the nature of their reporting obligations and schedules. 

Firms still using Gabriel should make sure they’ve registered for RegData, as we continue to move more firms across over the next few months.

Last year we announced some of the benefits of moving to the new platform. The main improvements are summarised in our Welcome to RegData video, and we have a series of explainer videos and user guides on our dedicated RegData resources page.

Let us know what you think

We’re keen to hear from firms that have already moved to RegData and invite you to complete a short survey on your experience of the move and the system so far.

Your feedback is important to us and, while we can’t commit to taking forward all suggestions, we will review all feedback as we continue to improve the platform.

Moving more firms from Gabriel

To ensure a smooth transition onto the new system, we’ll continue to move remaining firms across in stages. Firms will not be able to access RegData until we move their users across from Gabriel. Until then, they should continue to submit their regulatory reports through Gabriel. 

Find out more about the move in our Moving to RegData video or on our dedicated page.

Register for RegData before your moving date 

All Gabriel users must register for RegData before their move by logging in to Gabriel with their normal login details and completing a one-time activity when prompted. Firms’ Principal Users should make sure all other firm users complete this activity as soon as possible. This needs to be completed before your firm’s planned moving date, otherwise the Principal User will need to set others up as new users in RegData once your firm has been moved to the new system.

If you’re a Gabriel user who does not complete online submissions and communicates with us directly or use Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) instead of accessing Gabriel online, there is no need to register. We’ll outline the process for these services before your move, so that you’re prepared.