Trading venues and systematic internalisers – changes in security statuses

Trading venues and systematic internalisers (SIs) may have to notify us when there are changes in the status of the securities they trade. Read more on how to submit to us.

Submitting information to us

In some circumstances, a UK trading venue will decide to suspend or remove an instrument. This may be because it no longer complies with the venue’s rules, and/or because of suspected market abuse, a take-over bid or the non-disclosure of inside information about the issuer or financial instrument.

If this applies to a security traded on your venue, you must inform us using the trading venue reporting form.

Complete the form in the format set out in the technical standards, and then email it to our Issuer Management team: [email protected]

You’ll need to specify the reason for the action, including restorations of any suspensions.

Only the trading venue making the initial decision needs to make the notification to us – trading venues following action from us or from other UK trading venues don’t need to make a submission.

If the reason for the action relates to:

  • suspected market abuse
  • filing of tender offers and related events (a take-over bid)
  • the non-disclosure of inside information about the issuer or the instrument (see Articles 7 and 17 of the Regulation (EU) No. 596/2014, as amended by The Market Abuse (Amendment) (EU Exit) Regulations 2019) (SI 2019/310))

Make sure you use the relevant text at the beginning of the entry for ‘Reason For Action’.

Notifications from us

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Our record of trading venue notifications

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