Service costs

Costs for requesting information on a mutual society.

Searching a society file at the FCA: £26.50

Electronic Copies from a society file: £12.00 per PDF document

Paper photocopies from a searched society file: £15.50 for the first 20 pages, £0.60 per page thereafter

Paper photocopies only from society file: £27.00 for the first 20 pages, £0.60 per page thereafter

Certification of a document: £15.00

Electronic list of societies: £12.00

Paper list of societies:

  • Building Societies: £12.00
  • Friendly Societies: £12.00
  • Incorporated Friendly Societies: £12.00
  • Credit Unions: £12.00
  • Benevolent Societies: £12.00
  • Industrial and Provident  Societies: £12.00

Postage and packaging for any paper copies cost between £6.20 - £6.85 per service delivery.

If you have any questions, email us at [email protected].