Reporting requirements: payment institutions

Authorised and small PIs must give us financial reports annually using Gabriel, the online regulatory reporting system. Hybrid firms need to submit accounts for the part of their business that involves payment services.

Payment institutions (PIs) must provide us with annual financial returns so we can supervise your business.

Reporting process for PIs

You must submit annual reports to us using Gabriel, our online regulatory reporting system.

The system monitors when your reports are due and will send you a reminder a month before.

If you miss the reporting deadline, we will send you another reminder and fine you £250.

Authorised PIs

Authorised PIs must submit an authorised payment institution capital adequacy return each year within 30 days of your accounting reference date.

As well as supervising your business, we use the data to calculate period fees that you need to pay us.

Small PIs

Small PIs must submit a payment services directive transactions report before the end of each January to cover the previous year’s payment transactions.

This is used to check you aren’t exceeding your €3 million threshold for average monthly payment transactions.

PIs that undertake non-regulated business

Authorised and small PIs that are hybrid firms and carry out activities other than payment services must give us a separate set of accounts that cover the payment services business.

This must be in paper form, so Gabriel will not send you a reminder.

Further information

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