COREP and FINREP reporting

The requirements for reporting COREP and FINREP to supervisors, including validation and filing rules.

The UK Capital Requirements Regulation (UK CRR) requires CRR firms to apply the implementing technical standards (ITS) for reporting (the guidance, templates, technical standards and validation required for reporting COREP and FINREP to supervisors).

Validation and filing rules

We have kept the validation rules for CRD IV as originally defined by the European Banking Authority (EBA).

  • EBA Blocking rules will be set as ERROR in Gabriel (ie rejection of the file).
  • EBA Non-blocking rules will be set as WARNING (warnings will be accepted, but firms should look to investigate the cause and resolve them for future submissions).
  • EBA Deactivated rules will be set as DISABLED (ignored).

In addition to the validation rules, we also apply filing rules as originally defined in the EBA published rules, and additional rules exclusively for UK filers.

Our list of filing rules lists the rules we will apply, illustrates what each rule verifies, and what error message will be received if a rule is not passed. Please use this guide to resolve any issues before contacting us with queries.

Our Filing Manual

The Filing Manual contains the rules and guidance for firms and software vendors when creating XBRL instance files for COREP and FINREP reporting.

Data point model and taxonomy

To ensure the supervisory reporting requirements are implemented consistently, the templates described in the annexes have been translated into a data point model (DPM), which in turn is used to generate the taxonomy.

The DPM is a structured representation of the data, identifying all the business concepts and its relationships, as well as validation rules. The taxonomy is the vehicle that enables data to be shared in line with the DPM structure. 

These are artefacts that were originally developed by the EBA and, along with the accompanying documentation, contain the relevant technical specifications necessary for developing an IT reporting solution. Firms should make sure they keep up to date with any changes to these artefacts.

Taxonomy entry point mapping to Gabriel

The following document tracks the taxonomy entry point mapping to the corresponding Gabriel data item and reporting basis.

Technical pack

For information on how to build a connection to the Gabriel direct submission gateway for COREP and FINREP reporting, and how to format an XBRL instance for both direct submission and web upload, please refer to our updated technical information page.