RegTech applies to new technologies developed to help overcome regulatory challenges in financial services.

Video: What innovation means for the FCA

Jessica Rusu, Chief Data, Information and Intelligence Officer at the FCA RegTech Forum on our approach to regulatory innovation and SupTech.

The full forum is available to watch on demand.


Our aim is to encourage the development of these technologies, as they could benefit consumers and the wider industry. 

We regularly meet with start-ups, incumbent institutions, technology providers and academics to continue to build insight into the impact RegTech is having on regulated firms. Our industry engagement helps us to understand where we should focus our efforts. Since our original Call for Input in 2015, we have developed and tested a number of activities to help support firms with innovative business models while building our market awareness.

Engage with us

We want to remain at the forefront of technological trends within the market, so we can understand their potential impact on financial services markets, firms and consumers.

An important way we do this is through bilateral firm demos and our Showcase Days, where we invite RegTech, FinTech and technology firms to demonstrate their technology solutions to internal market experts within the FCA. Through these demonstrations we can gain a better understanding of the state of the market, while engaging with the ecosystem and gathering insights on how the technological field is evolving.

For 2024/25, we are particularly interested in hearing from firms working on, or interested in:

  • the use of AI to help regulated firms fulfil relevant regulatory obligations
  • financial crime
  • financial inclusion and digital ID
  • open finance

Through our Innovation Hub, we provide a range of services to support innovative firms at various stages of their growth journey. Our decision tool can help you find out which service is best suited to your needs.

We also regularly run TechSprints where we bring together participants from across and outside of financial services to address industry challenges.

Find out more about how you can get involved with our work programme and how you can engage with us further on RegTech by contacting [email protected].

Our approach to RegTech

In 2015 we issued a Call for Input to find out more about how we could support the adoption and development of RegTech.

People working in the industry told us about the different types of RegTech and how it’s used.

They also gave us feedback about what our role could be, and told us about the challenges for innovation and its adoption.

We’ve developed a number of work programmes to help face these challenges, including the Permanent Digital Sandbox.

Digital Regulatory Reporting

We have been working with the Bank of England and various organisations on a pilot to explore how technology can improve the way that firms submit regulatory returns. We have published the Viability Assessment on digital regulatory reporting that provides an overview of the work and findings so far. If you are interested in discussing the technical aspects of this paper in more detail, please contact us at [email protected].

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