Data reference guides

The Data Reference Guide (DRG) contains XML specifications and details of validations applied for all data items submitted to us using Gabriel.

For each version of a data item we publish the following:

  • an Excel spreadsheet - the latest and previous versions of the data definition containing validation details and the Handbook layout with sample data
  • an XML schema - the latest (and where possible) previous versions, each with one or two sample XML files
  • an Excel template - you can import the raw XML data from a submitted data item to allow you to save an Excel copy (only available for certain data items)

The DRG change log (latest version is 47) explains the ongoing changes we have made since the first components were published on 23 March 2007.

The Cross Validation Rules (v13) lists all the validation rules that must be met between two or more data items.

The specifications only apply to FCA data items - read more about CRD IV or CRR Common Reporting (COREP) & Financial Reporting (FINREP) returns.