Emerging Technology Research Hub

Read more on how the Emerging Technology (EmTech) Research Hub monitors technology trends and provides insight into how emerging technologies affect financial services, markets and consumers.

The Emerging Technology (EmTech) Research Hub identifies critical and emerging technology trends affecting financial services over the medium and long term and translates these into tangible insights to inform our regulatory thinking across policy and strategy.

The Hub collaborates with industry, academia, policymakers, and fellow regulators to analyse the opportunities and the risks that technologies can pose to consumers and markets.

We use a variety of approaches to gather information and share key research insights. These include formal research papers, call for input initiatives, working groups, roundtable discussions, workshops and more.

We work closely with the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), Office of communications (Ofcom) and Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) through the Digital Regulation Cooperation Forum (DRCF) and its horizon scanning programme. This forum aims to support cooperation and coordination between members on digital regulatory matters, and enable coherent, informed and responsive regulation of the UK digital economy.

Collaborative research helps us keep pace with developments in digital markets and explore a diverse range of perspectives around how emerging technology trends might evolve. These insights help build regulatory understanding that inform how we shape digital markets in the interest of consumers.

Areas of focus

The EmTech Research Hub is actively exploring several emerging technology trends: 

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In addition, the Hub will continue to monitor developments across the external technology landscape through regular horizon scanning and engaging with experts in the field as well as our regulatory partners within the DRCF.

If you are developing technology in these areas or would like to feed into future research, email us