Innovation Advisory Group

The Innovation Advisory Group (IAG) provides a regular forum for the FinTech and RegTech sector and the FCA to discuss issues and opportunities to inform our innovation work. Find out more about the group’s work.

The IAG was set up in 2023. In its first year, it is covering a broad set of topics, including:

The IAG primarily supports the FCA’s innovation work. In addition, the group can discuss wider topics which contribute to the FCA’s strategic commitment to promote competition and positive change.

The IAG follows the terms of reference. These are reviewed at regular intervals by the FCA.

IAG members

IAG sub-groups

Synthetic Data Expert Group

The Synthetic Data Expert Group (SDEG) is a sub-group of the IAG, tasked with exploring the use of synthetic data in financial markets.

In March 2023, the following members were appointed. They bring diverse and relevant experience to the group representing technology and data vendors, regulated firms, consultancies, and public sector organisations. Their activities began in May 2023 and will last for 18 months.

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