Connect questions

Information on how to use Connect.

How do I register for Connect?

To register to use Connect you will either need an appropriate Control Function (CF) or Senior management function or the firm's Registration Key to access the Connect site. You will need to identify a Principal User who will be the person in your firm responsible for managing the system. The Principal User will then be able to set up new users, amend permissions etc. The Principal User has full control of the firm’s Connect system and is the only person with the authority to cancel the firm’s Part 4A permissions.

Further details can be found on the new users webpage.

Why can’t I submit my application?

Once all the sections of an application and any related applications are complete you must click the “Ready for Submission” button. This will make the ‘Submit’ button appear for the application.

To be able to submit an application you must have ‘Submitter’ permissions for that application. Check with your firm’s Connect User Administrator to see if you have that permission set in your user profile.

How do EEA firms change their Firm Details?

All changes to the firm details of EEA firms must be submitted to the FCA via the firm’s home regulator. EEA firms cannot use Connect to submit changes to their firm details.

How do I get more information about Connect?

You can find more information on the Connect home page.

I have forgotten my password, how can I reset it?

You can reset your password by clicking on the “Forgot Your Password” link on the Connect login page.

Why am I not receiving my password reset email?

Check your spam filters to see if the password reset email has been filtered out.

Why has a user not received their activation email?

Check that the email address of the user is correct. If it is incorrect the Principal User or a Firm Administrator can edit the email address. The user can then click the reset my password link on the login page to regenerate the activation email. Alternately, check your spam filters to see if the activation email has been filtered out.

Where can I find guidance when completing an Application/Notification?

There is Application / Notification specific help at the top of this page. In the Connect forms themselves some questions have a help icon “?” next to them which can provide additional information on how to complete that question.

When should I expect to receive an Email/Letter of approval?

Confirmation will be sent via email or letter to the person named on the contacts page of the application/notification within 48 hours of approval.

Approval emails/letters are sent for the following:

  • Application to Perform a Controlled Function
  • Internal transfer of a Controlled Function
  • Changes in Notified Persons
  • Add Appointed Representative
  • Change Appointed Representative
  • Firm Details
  • New Authorisation
  • Variation of Permissions
  • Cancellation of Part 4A Permission

Approval Emails/Letters are not sent for:

  • Notification to cease a controlled function
  • Notification of changes in personal information
  • Terminate Appointed Representative

I have made an error but already submitted the application/notification, how can I report this?

To avoid unnecessary delays, firms are encouraged to review completed applications thoroughly prior to submission, as it is not always possible for the FCA to make changes once received or approved. If an error is noticed after submission, please either reply to the application receipt email or call us on 0300 500 0597