Home finance providers and authorisation forms

You must complete the forms and supporting documents below before applying to us for authorisation.

Please use our online system Connect to download and submit these forms.

Forms required  

Mortgage Supplement Form 

Core Details

Approved Persons Individuals Form A

IT Assessment Questionnaire

Forms possibly required (depending on your structure)  

Corporate Controller Forms

Trust Controller Forms

Individual Forms

Disclosure of Significant Events Appendix

Owners and Influencers Appendix
Sole Trader's Appendix
Supporting policies and procedures required  

Responsible Lending Policies

Complaints Procedure and Policy (including root cause analysis implementation)

Example ESIS Document

Example Offer Document
Execution Only Policy (if the lender offers direct to customer mortgages without advice)
Underwriting Mandate Organogram (a policy that identifies at which level a loan application needs to be escalated upwards for a decision to be made)
Exceptions Policy (how a lender deals with applications that fall outside of the normal lending criteria)
Conduct Risk Framework (how conduct risks are identified through the product cycle and the governance over this from board through to audit and how this interacts with the operational and credit risk policies)
Operational Risk Framework and Credit Risk Framework
Market Research Report (to show how the firm identified its target market)
Management Information Suite Proposals (what will be recorded, measured and analysed)
Tariff of Fees and Charges
Experience, competence and qualifications of those who provide advice (if applicable)
Organisation Organogram
Product Design Process and Policy
Compliance Procedures for Regulated Mortgage Business including Quality Assurance and Audit Proposals
Niche Product Criteria (eg lending into retirement, newly self-employed, impaired credit)
Distribution Channels and Due Diligence Procedures
Cyber and Tech Resilience Policy
Anti-Money Laundering/Financial Crime Policy
Procedures for Assessing Affordability
Product Terms and Conditions
Nature and detail of third-party firms that are used and outsourcing agreements (including proposals for oversight of outsourcers)
Lending Policy / Criteria
Vulnerable Customer Policy (including how you treat vulnerable customers)
TCF Policy
Conflicts of Interest Policies and Procedures
Redemption Process
Remuneration Policies and Procedures
Arrears and Repossession Policy and Procedures
Collections Procedures including Forbearance and Customer Contact
Marketing Strategy: Financial Promotions

36-month financial projections:

  • Opening balance sheet
  • Closing balance sheet
  • Forecast P&L
  • Forecast cashflow
  • Financial accounts (if applicable)
  • Details of proposed securitisations