Exemptions and exclusions from authorisation

There are some circumstances where firms don’t need to be authorised by us. Find out if you qualify.


Some firms engaged in regulated activities don’t, depending on the circumstances, need to be authorised by us. These can include:

  • professional firms, such as solicitors, accountants or actuaries
  • firms offering payment by instalments
  • ‘appointed representatives’ working on behalf of firms that are already authorised


There are some circumstances where activities that would normally be regulated are unregulated. These can include certain overseas activities and those where potential customers are introduced to firms.

Check and check again

You need to be absolutely sure you qualify for an exemption or exclusion from being authorised. If you get it wrong, you could end up committing a criminal offence.

The exemptions and exclusions listed above are not exhaustive. Further information can be found in the Perimeter Guidance manual under PERG 2.7 and 2.8

Detailed information

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