Using the new Form A

Find out about the changes we’ve made to Form A. 

As part of our changes to application forms accessed via Connect, we've rolled out a new version of Form A.

Form A is used for Senior Management Function and Controlled Function applications and is one of our longest and most used forms.

Changes to Form A

We've tested and refined the new version with firms after listening to industry feedback.

The changes we have made include:

New requirements

  • To remove duplication in the employment history section you'll no longer need to upload a CV (solo-regulated firms only).
  • You'll now input 10 years of employment history.
  • Based on the information you provide, you may also be asked new questions on rights to work in the UK, previous names displayed on the Register, candidate time spent on activities and spread across directorships.

Changes to functionality

  • Removal of the 'Send later' function.
  • The Statement of Responsibilities (SOR) is integrated into the Form A so you don't need to complete a second application for this.
  • Improved virus scanning on attachments.

Other improvements

  • A helpful checklist of information you need to complete your application before you start.
  • Improved help and guidance throughout.
  • Easier navigation.
  • Improved layout.

Using the new form

The new Form A is being made available for all standalone Form A applications (ie an application which isn't related to becoming authorised for the first time, to variations of permission or to adding or amending appointed representatives).

Form As submitted as part of an application for something else (eg applying for authorisation for the first time, for a variation of permission or to add or amend appointed representatives), will continue to be updated gradually to use all features of the improved Form A.

Firms that already have access should use the new version for all applications going forwards.

Giving us your feedback

Please tell us about your experience of using the new Form A by answering a short survey that you may receive after submitting the form.

Form A FAQs

If you need to speak with someone, please contact:

  • our contact centre for queries about accessing and completing the form
  • your case officer for specific queries about your case, or about the progress of your application

Using the form

Differences from the old Form A

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