Using the new Form A

Find out how to give us your feedback and get answers to common questions.

As part of our changes to application forms accessed via Connect, we've publicly launched a new version of Form A. 

Who can use the new form

If we've contacted your firm, please use the new form for all standalone Form A applications going forwards (ie an application which isn't related to becoming authorised for the first time, or to variations of permission or appointed representatives).

Giving us your feedback

Please tell us about your experience of using the new Form A by:

  • following the feedback link at the top of the form
  • answering a short survey that you'll receive after you submit the form

Form A FAQs

If you need to speak with someone, please contact:

  • our contact centre for queries about accessing and completing the form
  • your case officer for specific queries about your case, or about the progress of your application

Using the form

Differences from the old Form A

Applications in Connect

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