Leadership and management capabilities

Read how we’re exploring the role leaders at all levels play in diagnosing, designing, developing and sustaining healthy cultures, and the skills and capabilities they need to do so.

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In speaking truth to power and listen up leaders our external experts acknowledge the important role leaders play in creating psychologically safe environments. We want to explore the role of leaders more broadly. While emphasis has been placed on the 'tone from the top’, managers are also important role models. Research suggests team members are more likely to take their behavioural cues from their direct line manager than from those at the top of the organisation. So, we also want to explore how managers can be empowered and supported to be culture leaders.         


Our multidisciplinary panel discuss the key skills and capabilities needed to drive healthy cultures. They share their views on how these skills can be developed and the environment needed for this. Other areas range from the importance of self-reflection and feedback to the role of neuroplasticity in learning new skills. In the live Q&A the audience ask about topical issues, such as shared parental leave, and discuss personal difficulties with leadership.

Host: Jonathan Davidson, Executive Director of Supervision – Retail & Authorisations


  • Dr. Doyin Atewologun - Director, Gender, Leadership and Inclusion Centre, Cranfield School of Management
  • Tom Blomfield - CEO and co-founder, Monzo
  • Hilary Scarlett - author, international speaker and consultant, Founder & Director at Scarlett & Grey

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Watch a panel of experts explore the topic of leadership and management capabilities, hosted by Executive Director of Supervision for Retail and Authorisations, Jonathan Davidson.


In May 2019, we held our second CultureSprint. Executive leaders and mid-level managers from various firms and multi-disciplinary experts came together for a day and a half to tackle the question of how to empower and support mid-level management to be culture leaders.

Managers have a difficult balance of responsibilities. They are expected to deliver the business strategy and reach KPIs while also supporting and developing their teams.

Our teams discussed the challenges that managers face and identified moments where managers may not feel empowered or supported. They then developed solutions targeted at these moments. Their aim was to drive a healthy culture by changing the experience of management.



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