FCA Warning List of unauthorised firms

Search our Warning List to find details of unauthorised firms and individuals that we’re aware of, that aren’t allowed to operate in the UK.

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Almost all financial firms in the UK must be authorised or registered by us.

Unfortunately, there are still firms that work without our authorisation.

Check our Financial Services Register to find out if a firm is authorised. If you can’t find a firm on the FS Register, contact us on 0800 111 6768.


Make sure you only deal with authorised firms. If you deal with an unauthorised firm, you won’t be covered by the Financial Ombudsman Service or Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) if things go wrong.

Search the Warning List

Our Warning List shows the firms that we’re concerned are working without our permission.  

We add firms to this list as soon as possible. But if a firm isn’t on the list, it may still be unauthorised or be a scam. Unauthorised firms often change their names, and we may not be aware of it yet. 

To use the list, you can: 

  • search for an unauthorised firm using the search bar 
  • filter results by the first letter of the firm 
  • click on the 'Name' column to order firms from A to Z 

If you’re dealing with an overseas firm, check the list of warnings from overseas regulators.

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Displaying 7101 - 7200 of 13703
Name Date added Date updated
Independent Wealth Brokers (Clone of EEA authorised firm) (new)
Maxagon Kapital AB (Clone of an EEA Authorised firm) (new)
My Smart Bonds (new)
Find UK Bonds (new)
Hunterly Invest (new)
First Capital Finance Ltd (clone of FCA authorised firm) (new)
OFC Markets (new)
SGZ Bank (clone of a formerly EEA Authorised Firm) (new)
LatitudeFX / Latitude Investments FX Bank (clone of FCA authorised firm) (updated)
Cash2All (Clone of FCA authorised firms) (updated)
First Brokers (new)
AXA Venture Partners / AXA Strategic Ventures (Clone of EEA authorised firm) (updated)
Smart Bonds (new)
Bolt Finance (new)
FCA Insurance Indemnity Partners (new)
British-Bonds (new)
CompareFixedRateBonds (new)
The Investmentheads (new)
Select Invest (new)
UK Forex (Clone of FCA authorised firms) (updated)
Circle Bonds (new)
Compare-Bonds.net / Bond Comparison (new)
Investpedia (new)
TradeRiver Finance Ltd (Clone of authorised firm) (updated)
Credit Suisse Asset Management / Credit Suisse Group AG (Clone of FCA Authorised firms) (updated)
Torro Finanz (Clone of an EEA Authorised firm) (new)
Financial Planning Wales (Clone of authorised firm) (updated)
CCP Investment (Clone of EEA Authorised Firm) (updated)
Aldgate-Advisors (clone of FCA authorised firm) (updated)
Quick L0ans (clone of FCA authorised firm) (updated)
HW Securities (new)
CryptoPlus Exchange (Clone of authorised firm) (updated)
BillionsFX (new)
Legal & General / Legal & General Dynamic Bond / Legal & General UK Bond / Legal & General Guaranteed Return Bond (clone) (clone of FCA authorised firm) (updated)
Retire Young FX (new)
Hugo Vandevelde (clone of an EEA Authorised firm and a UK authorised firm) (updated)
Alltus Capital (UK) LLP (clone of FCA authorised firm) (updated)
Frontier Markets Advisory (clone of an authorised collective scheme) (updated)
National-Debt-Helpline (new)
Fixed-rate.co.uk (new)
National-debtlines (updated)
Kieren Hamilton / Whosthatguru / Keztheguru / Kezo (new)
Lak Sira Ltd (updated)
Invest In Bonds (new)
Best Bonds (new)
Bond Select (new)
Dunn & Burchill (new)
Best Rate Savers (new)
Carter Lee Financial Services (new)
Prudential Assurance Company / Prudential Distribution (Clone of FCA authorised firms) (updated)
Investment Point (new)
Charta Alliance Limited / The Investment Supermarket / Stanley Bonds (new)
AXA Global Broker (clone of EEA authorised firm) (updated)
Uk Bonds Capital (new)
British Bonds Company (new)
BWB Ireland Investment Managment / B.W.B. Ireland (clone firm) (clone of FCA authorised firm) (new)
Clyde Asset Management/ Clyde AM (Clone of an EEA Authorised Firm) (updated)
Hamamatsu Merger Group (new)
Aberdeen Standard Investments (clone of FCA authorised firm) (updated)
British Bonds Company (new)
Bruckmann Rosser (new)
Which Bonds UK (new)
Bond Genie (new)
Swissquotes Ltd/ SwissFutureFX (Clone of FCA authorised firm) (updated)
Bonds123 (new)
Standard Chartered Bank / Standard Chartered Asset Management / Standard Chartered Bonds (clone of FCA authorised firm) (updated)
Instant Finance (Clone of FCA authorised firm) (new)
Noris Bank/Noris ISA (Clone of an EEA Authorised Firm) (new)
Nateus Group (Clone of an EEA authorised firm) (new)
Nateus Group (Clone of an EEA authorised firm) (updated)
Liberty Bonds (new)
Assurances Finance Patrimoine (Clone of an EEA Authorised Firm) (new)
Fixedrates4U (new)
London Bonds Company (new)
London Bonds Market (new)
My Bonds Market (updated)
Find Best Bonds (new)
Bond Checker (new)
SMARTT FX (Clone of EEA authorised firm) (new)
Platinium Fund (new)
Krenton Finance (new)
Fidex Market / Fidex Tradings (Clone of FCA authorised firm) (updated)
Cleverinvestors.co.uk (new)
123bond.co.uk (new)
UK National Bonds (new)
Thortons Global (new)
RAM Active Investments (clone of FCA authorised firm) (updated)
Delta Capitals (clone of FCA authorised firm) (updated)
ISA Search (updated)
Search-investments (new)
Compare Property Investments (new)
Step Debt Free (new)
British Bond Capital (new)
United Bonds (new)
Bond Office (new)
Compare Free (new)
National British Bonds (new)
JCAM Investments(Clone of an authorised firm) (updated)

How to protect yourself

Be cautious of scammers pretending to be from authorised firms. They could be clone firms (a copy of a genuine firm). If you're called unexpectedly by a financial services firm, always ring them back using the number on the FS Register.

If you think you’ve been targeted by a scam, please report it to us online. We look into every report we receive, and it could help protect others from fraudsters.

Learn more about how to protect yourself from scams.

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Financial Services Register

You can check our FS Register to make sure a firm or individual is authorised.

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Protect yourself from scams

Scams can be sophisticated, but if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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Your rights with financial services

What to expect from providers, and what to do if something goes wrong.

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