Thematic reviews

This page explains what thematic reviews are and why we use them to supervise the firms we regulate.

Thematic reviews form a significant part of our approach to supervision. They help us deliver our objectives.

We use a thematic review to assess a current or emerging risk regarding an issue or product across a number of firms in a sector or market. It can focus on finding out what is happening and suggesting ways of tackling the problem. We also refer to this as ‘issues and products’ work or ‘cross-firm’ work.

We can apply the thematic process to a large variety of situations, firms and groups of consumers. The process enables us to investigate key risks. By focusing on specific risks, we can do detailed work on particular concerns.

Thematic work is done by people with specialised expertise. This enables us to tackle complex issues by using our resources appropriately and efficiently, aiming for better results. Our thematic teams deliver the outcomes through extensive desk-based review of information and site visits. The teams also work closely with industry practitioners and trading professional bodies, where appropriate.

Our thematic reviews

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