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  1. Consumer research on overdrafts [pdf]

    Research Published: 31/05/2018
  2. Non-workplace pensions consumer engagement [pdf]

    Research Published: 30/07/2019
    This document reports the findings of a qualitative research study carried out for the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in June to October 2018 by NMG Consulting.
  3. FSA - Motor legal expenses insurance: Consumer market research [pdf]

    Research Published: 07/06/2013 Last modified: 07/06/2013
    This report primarily focuses on results from qualitative consumer research carried out between July and September 2012.
  4. Basic Savings Rate Consumer Research [pdf]

    Research Published: 09/01/2020
    Basic Savings Rate Consumer Research: Summary Report of Qualitative Stage.
  5. Qualitative research to inform the Financial Advice Market Review (FAMR) baseline [pdf]

    Research Published: 30/06/2017
    This piece of consumer research supports our FAMR baseline report.
  6. Experience of insurance claimants consumer research report [pdf]

    Research Published: 22/05/2014 Last modified: 12/09/2014
    Harris Interactive was commissioned to undertake a programme of consumer research to inform the Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) thematic review of insurers’ management of claims. This research aimed to understand the expectations of
  7. Research Note: Cryptoasset consumer research 2020 [pdf]

    Research Published: 30/06/2020
    Through a nationally representative survey
  8. Adviser Charging and Scope of Service [pdf]

    Research Published: 25/07/2013 Last modified: 12/09/2014
    Qualitative research to investigate consumer understanding of adviser disclosure documents. Prepared by NMG Consulting.
  9. Structured Products - Qualitative research with consumers [pdf]

    Research Published: 05/03/2015 Last modified: 05/03/2015
    This document reports the findings of a research project carried out for the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) by Ignition House from August 2013 to October 2013.
  10. Current Account Switch Service - Qualitative consumer research [pdf]

    Research Published: 12/03/2015 Last modified: 12/03/2015
    Engagement with current accounts and the switching process.