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  1. Money Laundering Regulations

    Firms Focus areas Published: 23/12/2019 Last modified: 21/02/2023
    Find out more about Money Laundering Regulations (MLRS) and how firms need to comply.
  2. Money laundering and terrorist financing

    Focus areas Published: 02/08/2015 Last modified: 21/02/2023
    Find out more about the regulations and risk-based approach to anti-money laundering.
  3. De-risking: managing money-laundering risk

    Tasks for regulated firms Published: 24/02/2016 Last modified: 21/02/2023
    We are aware that some banks are no longer offering financial services to entire categories of customers that they associate with higher money-laundering risk. Read more about what we expect of firms.
  4. Money laundering registration

    Tasks for firms Published: 22/02/2016 Last modified: 18/03/2024
    Find out about money laundering registration, including when to register, de-register or tell the FCA about a change.
  5. Annual Anti-money Laundering Report 2016/17 [pdf]

    Annual reports Published: 05/07/2017
  6. Our Annual Report and Accounts 2016/17

    Corporate documents Annual reports Published: 05/07/2017 Last modified: 20/10/2017
    Our Annual Report and Accounts shows how our work over the last year has met our objectives and delivered against the key priorities we set out in our Business Plan 2016/17.