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Russian invasion of Ukraine

Financial sanctions and information

Latest information

Firms’ response to increased sanctions due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

Key findings from our assessments of sanctions systems and controls in financial services firms.
Good and poor practice

Protecting investors in authorised funds following the Russian invasion of Ukraine

Rules and guidance allowing authorised fund managers to create separate unit classes (side pockets).

FCA response to Chancellor’s call to stop investing in Russia

Regulated firms have already taken steps to avoid new investment in the Russian economy.

UK financial regulatory authorities on sanctions and the cryptoasset sector

Unprecedented package of economic sanctions on Russia and Belarus.

Operational and cyber resilience

Points your firm should consider following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.
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Financial sanctions

Financial sanctions are imposed by the Government and may apply to individuals, entities and governments, resident in the UK or abroad. You should notify us if you are subject to financial sanctions.

Market Abuse Regulation

The Market Abuse Regulation (MAR) aims to increase market integrity and investor protection. Find out more about the application and structure of the MAR, market abuse offences and exemptions.

Previous information

Consultation on use of side pockets for retail funds with exposure to Russian assets

Discussions with stakeholders on allowing UK authorised retail funds to make exceptional use of side pockets.

Events in Ukraine – impact on financial markets

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is having a significant impact on financial markets.

New financial sanctions measures in relation to Russia

We expect firms to have systems and controls to counter the risk they might be used in financial crime.