PS23/18: Smarter Regulatory Framework: The Insurance Distribution Directive

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Policy Statement

We set out the final rules for insurance firms that transfer and replace retained EU law provisions from the Insurance Distribution Directive. We also respond to feedback to CP23/19.

Read PS23/18 (PDF)

What we are changing

We are replacing the Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD) delegated regulations with rules and guidance.

Our changes to the sourcebooks will replace the provisions of the retained EU law (REUL) which is being repealed. This will provide continuity of the regulatory regime which applies to insurance-related activities.

Who this is for

  • all firms involved in insurance activities 

Next steps

Our rule changes will come into force on 5 April 2024.


The UK fully implemented the Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD) in 2018. This was mostly done through changes to our rules, but some of the requirements were contained in EU delegated regulations.

Following the UK’s exit from the European Union, these are part of REUL. The Treasury’s Smarter Regulatory Framework Review included repealing these IDD delegated regulations.

In CP23/19, we consulted on changes to various sourcebooks needed to maintain requirements which currently apply to firms, whether directly under the IDD delegated acts or where we apply them through rules and guidance, once the relevant part of REUL is repealed.