Annual Report and Accounts 2019/20 and Annual Public Meeting

We normally publish our Annual Report and Accounts in July. However, the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic has created unprecedented challenges for the National Audit Office in completing the audit of the FCA’s financial statements, as well as those of other public bodies, in the usual timeframe. This means we will be unable to lay the document in Parliament in July. In response to the challenges caused by the pandemic affecting a number of other government entities, HMT has announced a general extension to the filing deadline to 30 September. In line with HMT and other similarly affected public bodies, we will now be publishing our Annual Report and Accounts for 2019/2020 in September.

Read further information on HMT’s review of 2019/20 financial reporting requirements.

We are required to hold our Annual Public Meeting following the publication of the Annual Report and Accounts. We currently expect the meeting to take place later in September. Given the current restrictions it will be a virtual meeting with attendees able to watch and put their questions online.  We will publish the date and information on how to register once confirmed.

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: Link added Added link to Annual Report and Accounts 2019/20 published on 10 September 2020.