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  1. FCA sets out plan to tackle investment harm

    Press Releases Published: 15/09/2021 Last modified: 15/09/2021
    The FCA has published a new strategy aimed at giving consumers the confidence to invest, supported by a high-quality, affordable advice market, which should lead to fewer people being scammed or persuaded to invest in products too risky for their
  2. FCA to move faster to remove unused firm permissions

    Press Releases Published: 09/09/2021 Last modified: 09/09/2021
    The FCA has published draft guidance on a new power that allows it to move faster to remove regulatory permissions that are no longer being used by financial services firms.
  3. Richard Faithfull sentenced to over 5 years imprisonment for money laundering

    Press Releases Published: 09/09/2021 Last modified: 09/09/2021
    On Thursday 9 September 2021 Richard Faithfull was sentenced to 5 years and 10 months imprisonment for laundering money, contrary to s.327 Proceeds of Crime Act 2002
  4. FCA warns insurance firms over product governance rules deadline

    Press Releases Published: 25/08/2021 Last modified: 25/08/2021
    Insurance firms may not be ready to implement new product governance rules there to ensure insurance provides fair value, according to a review published today by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).
  5. FCA publishes Decision Notice against financial adviser for pension transfer advice failings

    Press Releases Published: 09/08/2021 Last modified: 09/08/2021
    The Financial Conduct Authority has published a Decision Notice against Geoffrey Edward Armin of Retirement and Pension Planning Services
  6. FCA stops BDSwiss offering contracts for differences (CFDs) to UK customers

    Press Releases Published: 05/08/2021 Last modified: 05/08/2021
    The FCA has acted to stop a Cypriot-based firm, BDSwiss Holding Plc, and other members of the BDSwiss Group from offering high risk contracts for differences (CFDs) to UK investors.
  7. FCA wins case against Avacade in the Court of Appeal

    Press Releases Published: 04/08/2021 Last modified: 21/10/2021
    The Court of Appeal has upheld findings of breaches against Alexandra Associates (UK) Limited trading as Avacade Future Solutions (AA), and Craig and Lee Lummis in a case brought by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).
  8. FCA proposing changes to streamline decision-making

    Press Releases Published: 29/07/2021 Last modified: 29/07/2021
    The FCA is proposing changes to its decision-making process which will enable it to make faster and more effective decisions.
  9. FCA obtains High Court Order to remove hundreds of HM Land Registry charges, notices and restrictions registered against consumers’ properties by illegal money lender

    Press Releases Published: 29/07/2021 Last modified: 29/07/2021
    This application is the latest in several legal proceedings commenced by the FCA against Dharam Prakash Gopee arising out of his illegal money lending activities
  10. FCA publishes Decision Notice against Markos Markou for lack of oversight

    Press Releases Published: 28/07/2021 Last modified: 28/07/2021
    The FCA published a Decision Notice in respect of Markos Markou, the Director and Chief Executive of a mortgage broker firm, Financial Solutions (Euro) Limited (FSE). Mr Markou has referred the Decision Notice to the Tribunal.