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  1. FCA calls on insurers to take action as it publishes latest fair value data

    Press Releases Published: 20/09/2023 Last modified: 20/09/2023
    The FCA has written to insurers warning that more action must be taken to ensure good consumer outcomes.
  2. FCA sets out initial findings on bank account access and closures

    Press Releases Published: 19/09/2023 Last modified: 19/09/2023
    The FCA has published the findings of its initial data exercise on bank account access and closures.
  3. Review of later-life mortgages finds poor advice and misleading promotions

    Press Releases Published: 14/09/2023 Last modified: 14/09/2023
    The review looked at firms responsible for around half of all lifetime mortgage sales.
  4. FCA bans Keith Dickinson and Andrew Allen for British Steel Pension Scheme advice failings, with £155k to be paid in compensation

    Press Releases Published: 13/09/2023 Last modified: 13/09/2023
    Keith Dickinson and Andrew Allen of Mansion Park Limited (Mansion Park) have been banned from advising customers on pension transfers and pension opt-outs.
  5. New screening checks required to approve financial adverts

    Press Releases Published: 12/09/2023 Last modified: 12/09/2023
    Our new rules will improve the quality of financial marketing to help consumers make good financial decisions
  6. FCA sets expectations ahead of incoming crypto marketing rules

    Press Releases Published: 07/09/2023 Last modified: 07/09/2023
    Tough new rules designed to make the marketing of cryptoasset products clearer and more accurate, and that ban incentives like ‘refer a friend’ bonuses, will come into force on 8 October.
  7. FCA launches review of treatment of Politically Exposed Persons

    Press Releases Published: 05/09/2023 Last modified: 05/09/2023
    The FCA has today set out issues it will consider as part of a review of the treatment of domestic Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) by financial services firms.
  8. Two individuals face bans and £1.3m fine for pension transfer advice failings

    Press Releases Published: 01/09/2023 Last modified: 01/09/2023
    The FCA has decided to fine Toni Fox £681,536 and David Price £632,594 for their roles in operating a flawed pension advice process.
  9. FCA analysis reveals there are fewer than 1 million interest-only mortgages outstanding

    Press Releases Published: 15/08/2023 Last modified: 15/08/2023
    The number of interest-only (750,000) and part-interest-only (245,000) mortgages has halved since 2015, new FCA analysis has found
  10. FCA finds fund managers’ value assessments significantly improved, but still work to do

    Press Releases Published: 10/08/2023 Last modified: 10/08/2023
    Following a review of fund managers’ value assessments, we found that while many firms have better practices in place, some still require improvement.