Firms need to register for Connect to update their firm details

Firms need to register for our online Connect platform. You will need it to send us your firm details - also known as a mandatory annual update. This will be a requirement from January 2020, so we suggest you register now in preparation.

We will be emailing, calling and writing to firms that aren’t currently Connect users to encourage them to sign up before the requirement comes into force from January 2020. We will also give firms the information they need to register, such as their firm registration number.

We encourage you to register as soon as you can. If you want to register now or need support registering and updating your firm details, visit our website, watch our video guide, or call us on 0300 500 0597 during business hours.

From January 2020, you will be required to review and confirm the accuracy of your firm details annually, in line with your Accounting Reference Date (ARD). You’ll have to do this using Connect. Even if your firm details have not changed from the previous year, you will still need to log on to Connect and confirm that they are up to date.

Connect also allows you to submit applications and notifications, such as approved persons, appointed representatives and MiFID II notifications. You can also track the progress of your applications.