Listing applications

Find out how to book a listing hearing and submit a listing application.

Listing hearings

Before you (as an issuer or its adviser) submit a listing application to us, you need to book a listing hearing.

A listing hearing is a review of the documents supporting your application for listing. You do not have to attend the listing hearing. The listing hearing needs to be held before admission. You should book it to take place at least 48 hours after we formally approve any related prospectus or circular.

To book a listing hearing, please email us at stating the issuer name, type of application and hearing date.  Please ensure you submit the relevant documents in final form two business days before the hearing. To change the hearing date for an application, please contact us by email, specifying the issuer name, type of issue, the details of the original hearing and the requested new date. If all the issue details remain compliant with our Listing Rules, you do not need to resubmit them.

Submitting your application form

After booking a listing hearing, you should submit the following items by email, post or fax:

  • the Admission of Securities form
  • the required application documents - see table below
  • any other such information that the UKLA may require under to LR 3.2.2 (2)

The information you include in the form will depend on the securities being listed. You will also need to read Chapter 3 of the Listing Rules, which sets out our listing application requirements for admission of securities to listing.

Application documents

We need to receive the following application documents by 12pm (midday), two business days before your desired hearing date:

Type of application

Listing rule

Equity securities

LR 3.3.2

Debt and other securities

LR 3.4.4

Block listing and formal application

LR 3.5.4