The Official List

Read about the Official List and how to request an amendment, including admission, re-categorisation, suspension or cancellation of a listing.

The Official List is the definitive record of whether a company’s securities are officially listed in the UK. Among other things, each entry in the Official List shows the:

  • security listed
  • its issuer
  • the security’s listing category - the set of obligations that apply to the issuer regarding that particular listing

See the Official List.

The Official List also shows whether or not we have suspended the listing of a particular security.

The entry in the Official List of a company’s securities is important to a company and to investors. Investors will often need to know whether a company’s securities are officially listed or not and therefore whether any of the obligations in the UK listing regime apply to that company.

For companies, obligations under our listing regime will flow from the official listing of any of the lines of securities it has issued.

Request amendments to the Official List

We take the integrity of the Official List seriously and our Listing Applications team is dedicated to its maintenance. Amendments to the Official List are made at an issuer’s request or, in some instances, unilaterally.

An issuer can request 4 types of amendment:

  • admission of securities to the Official List (either for first time or further tranches)
  • re-categorisation of an existing listing
  • cancellation of a listing of its securities
  • suspension of a listing

Application process

Admissions occur after an application process that includes a formal review of the application, known as a ‘listing hearing’. To arrange a re-categorisation or cancellation, call our Listing Applications team on 020 7066 8352. Find our more about listing applications.

We don't automatically amend a listing after approving documents

Amendments to the Official List often occur as a result of a transaction that requires the publication of investor documents, for example a prospectus. The documents may have been reviewed and approved by the FCA before publication.

Sending us draft documents outlining a future transaction that will involve an amendment to the Official List – or the later approval of the documents – is not the same as applying to change the Official List.

So you must approach our Listing Applications team separately and apply directly for the admission, cancellation or re-categorisation you require. We won’t do it automatically.