Same-day service

We offer a rapid review and approval same-day service for certain documents. Learn more about the submission and content requirements.

The Listing Transactions Department offers a same-day service (SDS) for the review and approval of most types of ‘routine’ supplementary prospectuses (SPs), supplementary listing particulars (SLPs) and supplementary registration documents (SRDs) relating to non-equity (i.e. debt) documents.

The SDS is not available if the non-equity supplement:

  • exceeds 5 pages in length
  • triggers a requirement for additional Annex disclosure cross-reference lists (e.g. if it contains pro forma financial information).

Should you be in any doubt over whether a document qualifies for SDS, please submit it to us promptly (and in any case before the deadline below). We will contact you as soon as is possible to discuss whether it can be handled on a same-day basis.

SDS relies on accurate completion of the submission requirements below, and supplements to be prepared in a form consistent with our Prospectus Regulation Rules and relevant published guidance. We will contact you as soon as possible if, upon receipt of your submission, we believe additional or amended information is required before we are in a position to approve your supplement.

All supplements (regardless of submission type) should comply with our Technical Note Primary Market /TN/605.4 relating to amendments to existing terms and conditions, drafting amendments or any amendments to any offer period or the offer amount; in particular, it is not possible to seek to add new securities to an existing prospectus or listing particulars.

Submission requirements

To use the service, we require the following documents electronically by no later than 12 noon on the day the SP/SLP/SRD requires approval by Listing Transactions:

  • a completed SP/SLP/SRD in final form (see required contents below)
  • a copy of any document(s) being incorporated by reference (if applicable)
  • completed SDS form (DOC) *new*
  • Form A (DOC) (Unless SLPs)

On the business days before Christmas Day and New Year’s Day the deadline for approval is 10am.

All of these documents must be submitted via the Electronic Submission System by no later than 12 noon on the day the document requires approval by Listing Transactions. We only accept submissions via the Electronic Submission System.

Content requirements

  • Date of the SP/SLP/SRD. Please ensure the supplement is dated the day it is submitted. If it is submitted after 12 noon, please date the SP/SLP/SRD for the following business day.
  • Definition. Please ensure the SP/SLP/SRD is defined accordingly.
  • Subject matter. Please ensure there is a clear explanation of the purpose for and subject matter in the SP/SLP/SRD.
  • Incorporation by reference. When incorporating by reference, please ensure a cross-reference list is provided in the SP/SLP/SRD to enable investors to easily identify specific items of information. The cross-reference list must specify where investors can access the information.

Confirmation of receipt

When you have submitted a document, you will receive our electronic confirmation of receipt. A member of staff will contact you after we’ve reviewed the document to inform you we have approved it or that we cannot approve it in its current state.

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