New regime for public offers and admissions to trading

Read more about the new framework that will replace the UK prospectus regime, our work in this area and ways we plan to hear your views.

As part of the Government’s Edinburgh reforms the Treasury has published a draft statutory instrument setting out a new regime for public offers and admissions to trading on UK public markets.

Our role 

Under this new regime we can reshape regulation to better meet the needs of issuers and investors in line with our commitment to strengthen the UK’s position in global wholesale markets.

We want to ensure our future rules promote efficient and effective primary markets for companies accessing public markets for the first time and when raising further capital, and ensure investors have the right information to invest with confidence.

We will have greater discretion on whether and how to set requirements for a prospectus for issuers seeking admission to trading.

We also need to consider how issuers may include forward-looking information in these prospectuses.

What we need to consider

Based on the draft legislation there are a number of areas of focus for our engagement and where we are likely to make future rules.

These include:

  • whether or how to set prospectus requirements for companies seeking admission of their securities to trading on regulated markets
  • whether or not to set prospectus requirements on issuers raising further capital on UK regulated markets
  • how issuers may include forward-looking information in prospectuses
  • how we may approach setting prospectus requirements for issuers seeking to admit securities to junior markets (MTFs)
  • what rules we should set for firms that choose to operate a ‘public offer platform’ to allow companies to raise capital from investors without being admitted to a public market

Feedback from engagement

We launched an engagement process in May 2023. We published 6 Engagement Papers, and also held a series of roundtable focus groups and follow-up meetings during the summer and early autumn.  

The deadline for written submissions was 29 September 2023. We received 41 responses as well as the feedback received during our outreach events and meetings. 

We have now published our summary of the feedback we received.

If you would like to discuss anything about our engagement process, please email [email protected].

Next steps

We are now considering the points raised and are developing our consultation proposals with a view to publishing a consultation paper in summer 2024.

Contact us

If you have any questions or comments, please email: [email protected]

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