Apply to vary your electronic money or payment services

Find out how to apply to change the e-money or payment services you provide.

Apply for the variation

You must apply for and be granted the variation before you begin providing new service(s). If you don’t, and you carry out e-money or payment services not covered by your authorisation or registration, then we can take enforcement action.

If you’re an authorised e-money institution or payment institution, you should consider whether your capital requirements may change because of the variation.

Variation fees 

Full details of the relevant fees can be found on the fees page. There is no fee if you are removing services.

How to apply for a variation

To vary your e-money or payment services please apply via Connect.

We will decide on:

  • a complete application within 3 months of receiving it, or
  • an incomplete application within 12 months of receiving it

More information can be found in Chapter 4 of our Approach Document.