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Find our key documents and all other relevant information, including newsletters and research, on the regulated covered bonds regime.

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RCB legislative and regulatory framework

RCB regulatory forms

Finalised guidance

Consultation papers

Policy statements

RCB legislative and regulatory framework

Capital Requirements Regulations 2013 (for amendments to the Regulated Covered Bonds Regulations 2008, see page 59) (December 2013)

Regulated Covered Bond Amendment Regulations 2012 (PDF) (November 2012)

Regulated Covered Bond Sourcebook (December 2011)

Regulated Covered Bond Amendment Regulations 2011 (PDF) (November 2011)

Regulated Covered Bond Amendment Regulations 2008 (PDF) (July 2008)

Regulated Covered Bond Regulations 2008 (PDF) (February 2008)

RCB regulatory forms

RCB 2 Annex 1 - Application for the admission to the register of issuers and register of regulated covered bonds (DOC)

RCB 3 Annex 1 - Annual confirmation of compliance with the RCB Regulations and the RCB Sourcebook (PDF)

RCB 3 Annex 2 - Asset pool notification form (XLS)

RCB 3 Annex 3 - Asset and liability profile form (XLS)

RCB 3 Annex 4 - Indicative terms form (XLS)

RCB 3 Annex 5 - Issuance form (XLS)

RCB 3 Annex 6 - Cancellation form (XLS)

RCB 3 Annex 7AD - Loan level disclosure form (XLS)

RCB 3 Annex 7BG - Guidance on loan level disclosure form (XLS)

Finalised guidance

FG12/23: Thematic feedback: the role of Asset Pool Monitor (December 2012)

FG12/08: Thematic feedback: Senior Manager, Management Information, Systems & Controls (March 2012)

FG11/20: Thematic feedback: Role of the compliance function in RCB programmes (PDF) (November 2011)

Consultation papers

CP12/03: Updated proposed changes to RCB regulatory fees (February 2012)

Joint HMT-FSA Review of the UK Regulated Covered Bond Regime (PDF) (April 2011)

Policy statements

PS15/15: FCA regulated fees and levies 2015/2016 (June 2015)

PS14/11: FCA regulated fees and levies 2014/15 (July 2014)

PS12/11: Regulatory fees and levies for 2012/13 (May 2012)

PS11/16: FSA RCB Policy statement and amended Sourcebook (December 2011)

HMT announces the Amended Regulations 2011 (November 2011)