Retail Mediation Activities (RMA)

The Retail Mediation Activities return was originally introduced in April 2005 (by the FSA) and is the core regulatory return submitted by firms who provide intermediary services arranging and/or advising on mortgages, non-investment insurance or investment products. Firms are required to report at minimum twice yearly for most sections of the return, based on their Accounting Reference Date, with 30 working days in which to submit the return.

Through ‘FCA Live & Local’, our regional engagement programme aimed primarily at our flexible firm audience, a number of firms queried why we collect data on Retail Mediation Activities and what we use it for.

In response to this feedback, we have produced a paper which:

  • provides a high-level summary of why we need information on Retail Mediation Activities (RMA) and the rationale for collecting it
  • confirms why we need the data in an electronic format
  • links the collection of RMA data to our wider supervisory approach
  • demonstrates how the collection of RMA data is in line with our strategic and operational objectives

Read the paper