Eligibility for Innovation Hub

Find out how we identify which businesses might be eligible for our support through the Innovation Hub.

We decide whether a request is eligible for support through the Innovation Hub using several eligibility criteria (PDF, 44KB, 1 page), which we will review to ensure they are appropriate.

Genuine innovation

Is the innovation groundbreaking or significantly different?

Consumer benefit

Does the innovation offer a good prospect of identifiable benefit to consumers (either directly or through greater competition)?

Background research

Has the business invested appropriate resources in understanding the regulations in relation to its own position?

Need for support

Does the business have a genuine need for support through the Innovation Hub? If you are eligible for Innovation Hub we will establish the most appropriate form of support, whether that involves assistance when applying for authorisation or otherwise. If your request is not eligible for Innovation Hub we will direct you to the most appropriate point of contact in the organisation.

Further information

How to request Innovation Hub support.