Automated advice: existing rules and guidance

If you have an automated advice or guidance model, please read our existing rules and guidance to check whether your question is covered, before applying for Innovation Pathways support.

Automated advice or guidance propositions

If your firm is developing an automated advice or guidance proposition, read our case studies based on previous questions submitted to us. You can find these case studies in Chapter 5 of FG17/8: Streamlined advice and consolidated guidance.

You should also note the work we’ve completed since the publication of the original Financial Advice Market Review. Our evaluation review, published in December 2020, summarises the findings from our research into the consumer investments market.

If you need help completing your application, you can sign up for one of our application support sessions.

Financial advice or discretionary investment management services 

If your firm gives financial advice or provides discretionary investment management services, whether in the investments, pensions, protection, general insurance, mortgages or debt (debt-counselling) sectors, browse our guidance before applying.

The following information is based on questions firms have raised with the Advice Unit (now Innovation Pathways). It doesn’t constitute formal guidance and doesn’t have the status of guidance in our Handbook.

When reading this guidance, you’ll need to consider the specific obligations that apply to your firm and activities, and you may need to seek your own advice.

Please note that this information is not exhaustive. It’s updated periodically, but may not reflect the latest position.

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